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March 30 2017


Two Effective Ways of Reducing the Appearance of Facial Wrinkles

Few people are ever completely satisfied with their appearance, and learning to live with certain realities is part of growing as a person. In many cases, though, even those who come to terms most gracefully with their appearance early on start to struggle as life progresses further. While it might be fairly easy to accept as inevitable a facial feature that does not quite live up to a certain person's desires, the new developments that aging brings often seem quite a bit less welcome. Fortunately, there are now effective ways of addressing many of the most common cosmetic symptoms related to aging, with some of them also being quite accessible.

Allen Baler

Among all of these, botox and facial fillers are likely the two most popular today. Both of these techniques can be used to address the particular symptom of aging that people most commonly seek to eliminate or reduce. The facial wrinkles that just about everyone develops by a certain point in life, after all, have a way of signifying advancing age to others more directly and pointedly than just about any other symptom. As a result, any relief at all from these flaws will be especially welcome to many.

Understanding how botox and facial fillers work can also make it easier to decide whether one or both of these options might bear looking into. When facial wrinkles become apparent, it is generally a combination of a couple of factors that lead to this result. For one, aging skin tends to lose some of its natural elasticity, making it more likely to sag and wrinkle on its own. For another, the muscles under the skin in particular parts of the face can promote and enhance the visibility of wrinkles through their own lack of relaxation or resilience.

Among all the available options, botox and facial fillers tend to be the most effective at countering these developments, each in its own particular way. The biological product botox can be used to nearly paralyze targeted muscles on a temporary basis, with the deep relaxation that results helping to smooth out overlying skin that would otherwise seem wrinkly.

Facial fillers that are injected under the skin in much greater quantities can achieve another kind of success by helping to stretch out wrinkles so they no longer form noticeable creases, at least until the body absorbs the implanted material. Which of these will make the most sense for a given patient can depend upon many different factors that a doctor will be able to assess. 
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